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Company Overview


Experts on minimizing risk and maximizing value

PPL Group is one of the premier companies that builds creative and agile liquidity solutions for equipment-intensive business with distress or surplus assets.

PPL does this via four different business units:

Asset Disposition
Purchasing and selling commercial and industrial assets, real estate and entire facilities from individual owners up to Fortune 500 companies.

Quick and creative alternative financing solutions based on asset value for small and middle-market companies in need of liquidity.

Equity Investments
Equity positions in small and middle-market distressed manufacturing companies.

Enhanced Recovery
Monetization of assets traditional liquidators cannot access: unbilled work, AR and inventory, plus intangible assets like contracts, customers, and IP.


We've completed thousands of transactions across countless industries over multiple decades.


Because we invest 100% of our own funds we close quickly, with no red tape.


We've satisfied hundreds of clients including banks, attorneys, public firms and owner/operators. Just ask us for references.


Our knowledge is decades deep, and our values are up to the minute.


Our on-staff appraiser has over 20 years experience across hundreds of asset classes.

Our deal team relies on accurate valuations when we buy our deals; we rely on our numbers, so can you.

We routinely work with the experts in niche fields like printing, foundries, or medical equipment – whatever the industry, we work with the experts.

We can execute a full formal appraisal, a lower-cost “desktop appraisal,” or provide an informal opinion of value.


Maybe you need capital for new equipment, or to buy a new business, or to keep your existing business afloat. Perhaps you are looking to sell or close your business and want to maximize its value. At PPL, we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve and exceed their optimal financial outcomes.

Clients we've helped

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Bankruptcy Trustees
  • Banks/Lending Institutions
  • Financial Consultants
  • Leasing Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Turnaround Managers
  • Workout Firms
  • Owner/Operators

Industries we've served

  • Metalworking
  • Food & Beverage
  • Printing & Bindery
  • Construction
  • Plastics
  • Oil/Gas
  • Foundries
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Packaging
  • Shipyards
  • Biotech/Medical
  • Automotive
  • Woodworking/Sawmills
  • Industrial Manufacturing


Our lending solutions include
  • Bridge loans
  • Note purchases and bank loan refinancing
  • Debtor-in-possession (DIP) loans
  • Machinery & equipment term loans
  • Acquisition financing
  • Inventory, accounts receivable, and working capital loans
$1.5 Million Note Purchase

Paving & Sealing Company in Virginia

PPL Group constructed a win-win transaction between a fatigued lender and a distressed borrower by purchasing $1.5MM of non-performing loans secured by machinery and equipment plus industrial real estate. Our solution allowed the bank to exit a lengthy bankruptcy process.

$4 Million Term Loan Refinance

Sawmill in Alabama

After the company defaulted on its loan with a traditional lender, PPL Group partnered with an alternative working capital lender to refinance the company’s term loan. Our financing enabled the company to implement key operational improvements that resulted in a return to profitability.

$1.5 Million Loan & Refinancing

Tool & Die Manufacturer in Wisconsin

PPL Group leveraged our equipment valuation expertise to tap into value a traditional lender did not understand. We worked with a regional bank to provide an M&E term loan, proceeds from which paid down the lender’s line of credit and created additional availability, which the borrower used to fund operations and implement its turnaround plans.

$1.5 Million Acquisition Financing

Aluminum Rolling Mill in North Carolina

PPL Group provided a complementary M&E loan alongside a regional bank’s traditional borrowing base line of credit (receivables and inventory). Our solution was critical in providing the additional liquidity that supported an independent sponsor’s acquisition of the company.

We've sold over $750,000,000 in assets over the last 10 years.


We’ve sold over a quarter of a billion dollars of assets over the last 10 years.


Over 100 different industries we’ve done deals for.


6 asset classes: Equipment, real estate, inventory, accounts receivable, intellectual property, work-in-progress


9 Different Deal Types: Equity, lending, bank note purchase, enhanced recovery, asset purchase, guarantee purchase, commission, consignment, hybrid.



  • David Muslin founds PPL Group
  • After 3 decades in the used machinery industry, and after building up Perfection Machinery into the largest used metalworking equipment dealer in the world, David pivoted to doing entire plant liquidations. He called the company Perfection Plant Liquidators.


  • PPL separates entirely from Perfection, becoming PPL Group


  • Creation of Big Shoulders Capital
  • After seeing manufacturers struggling to stay afloat in a tight credit market, PPL expands our offerings into asset-based lending for manufacturing assets via our sister company, Big Shoulders Capital. To date, we’ve preserved dozens of companies and thousands of jobs.


  • Equity Investments
  • In 2015, via Big Shoulders Capital, we buy Benada Aluminum as an ongoing operating company. Over the next few years, we go on to purchase multiple other distressed manufacturing companies, including Savannah Industrial Solutions, DRS Industrial, Anderson Manufacturing, and Lyon Workspace


  • Equity Investments – Getting Serious
  • Between 2022 and 2023, via Big Shoulders Capital, we purchase three more operating companies and make multiple hires to increase our ability to buy and operate companies. In 2022 we purchase Benda Conveyor Solutions, and in 2023 we purchase Mod Interiors and a plastic injection molder in Ohio.