PPL has worked with hundreds of small to middle-market businesses during turnaround, restructuring, and bankruptcy situations. We also serve large corporations in the recovery of maximum values for their idle and surplus assets.

  • Decades of experience

  • Hundreds of transactions across North America and beyond

  • From highly specialized equipment, to entire plants, to multiple sites

  • Obtain highest recovery value

  • Strong cross-disciplinary network

  • Match the assets with the right purchasers

We typically structure asset disposition deals in one of the following ways:

Asset Purchase

PPL makes a cash purchase of the assets directly from the client. We incur all the marketing and sale expenses, and all the risks of a sale.

Commission Auction

A traditional commission arrangement. Marketing and sale expenses are deducted from the sale proceeds.

Guarantee Auction

PPL guarantees the client a minimum recovery amount from the auction, which we pay in cash prior to the auction. After expenses, PPL and the client split the proceeds. This option limits the risk for the client, while still allowing them to share the upside.

Hybrid Structure

PPL Group can combine an asset disposition with our financing or private equity offerings, in order to provide a client with a truly comprehensive solution. For past clients, we have loaned money to take out an uncooperative bank, and then conducted an auction of surplus equipment to fund ongoing operations.

Going-Concern/Turn-Key Sale

When a facility and equipment can be acquired by a going-concern operator, a multi-faceted turn-key sale can maximize the value of the company and assets. PPL Group combines targeted marketing and our deep network of industry partners and strategic buyers to create awareness of the opportunity. We run a three phase concurrent process:

  • Phase One: Going-Concern/Turn-Key Sale of entire company, complete facility, or portions thereof with any available intellectual property, for continued operations
  • Phase Two: Private Treaty/Privately Negotiated Sales of complete lines for use as originally designed, with intellectual property, for removal, and disposition of real estate through an accelerated brokerage process
  • Phase Three: Auction Sale for the balance of unsold equipment (if needed)