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Auction Services

Auctions are designed to get the highest recovery value for equipment or other distressed assets. PPL Group values and sells machinery, equipment, entire plants, multiple plants, individual surplus items, and real estate to turn what is no longer useful to your business into cash. Various auction formats are available and the best auction method is used to reach the right audience for your assets, your timeline and your individual needs.

Through 75 national auction sales per year, PPL Group has defined a particular way of working with you and the sale of your distressed assets. Determining which auction setting is best for you and a timeline that fits your liquidation needs are the next steps in the process.

Your recommended auction settings include:

  • Live & Webcast (simultaneous live and online) auctions are the most exciting because they allow interested buyers to physically preview the assets from the site where they are located in an environment that is electrically charged by a professional auctioneer. The webcast brings the dynamic auction floor to remote bidders and allows potential buyers to bid from anywhere, either online or in person.
  • Webcast Only auctions are conducted online, allowing remote clients to bid on items from anywhere in the world.
  • Timed online-only auctions are easy to use and allow for global bidding. They also allow for flexibility in scheduling and timing, there is no travel necessary, no large crowds, more convenient inspections, user-friendly, and you can bid at ease from your home or office.
  • You can also consider orderly liquidation, private negotiated sales, and sealed-bid auctions.

Once a timeline is created and your needs have been clarified, the appropriate audience is identified and a customized marketing program is developed and implemented for you.

Your customized marketing program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Multi-page color brochures are distributed to market-specific audiences
  • Information flyer emailed to our extensive, proprietary database
  • Advertising in trade magazines and in local and national newspapers
  • Promotion through market-specific trade associations
  • Telemarketing campaign
  • Information listed on the home page of the PPL Group website
  • Updated, accurate and comprehensive description of the distressed assets
  • Color photography
  • Toll-free number

The auction types available to you include:

  • An asset purchase agreement where your assets are reviewed and their value is determined so there is an agreement to buy and transfer payment.
  • A commission auction determines an expected range of value for the items, including scope and pricing of the auction. A budget to cover advertising, labor, and other auction-related items. You receive the proceeds of the auction minus the expenses.
  • A guarantee auction where you are offered an amount for your assets prior to auction. Like a commission auction, a budget to cover expenses is determined and any proceeds in excess of the guarantee amount plus expenses is split between you and PPL Group, giving you the assurance you will have a certain amount of cash – no matter the turnout at the auction.

You can always rest assured service is conducted in an orderly, prompt, and precise manner by nationally licensed auctioneers

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